I absolutely loved my time here.

William from 2012

Which events or activities did you find the most satisfying and why?

I loved all of the out of class events. Especially ones where we traveled somewhere.

Why did you select this program?

It was an obvious choice. An experience I did not dare miss.

What were the most productive and interesting aspects of the program for you? The least interesting and productive?

It is a very good program and any other time I might have been able to use it to my full ability. I cannot think of anyway to improve it.

Any further thoughts or tips for those considering the program or new KCP students?

Study, Study, Study. Homework, Homework, Homework. Take all the help offered even if you think you do not need it and with any extra time explore, travel, have fun, and this will be the best experience of your life.

Any other comments or suggestions?

Amazing, I really appriciate the amount of help and support given to me eventhough I could not make the best of it. I absolutly loved my time here, and I hope that someday I will be able to come back. There are no words to express how much this meant to me, so all I can really say is thank you SOO much.

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At first I thought KCP was too good to be true because I could not find a single negative review anywhere. Every comment I found was positive. Turns out there’s a very good reason for this 🙂

—Louise Hoogvliet