Delicious Mosaic Sushi

Sushi, a popular Japanese dish, has reached the far corners of the world. It’s healthful,  fast to get or make, and a complete, filling meal.

Sushi (すし, 寿司, 鮨) usually consists of cooked rice mixed with vinegar and sweet sake, raw or cooked seafood, seaweed, and vegetables. The ingredients and presentation vary, but sushi always contains rice. Raw fish or other types of meat that are sliced and served without rice are called sashimi. Sushi is often served with a daikon garnish, wasabi, soy sauce, and shredded ginger.


Sushi. | Raging Wire

The origin of sushi can be traced to an area along the Mekong River that runs from the Tibetan Plateau past China’s Yunnan province, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The term sushi comes from a no longer used antiquated grammatical form and literally means “sour-tasting.” The term reflects its historic origins as a type of fermented food.

Nowadays, there are several types of sushi that can satisfy every person’s fancy. The types of sushi depend on the ingredients and how they are prepared. One traditional Japanese sushi is makizushi or “rolled sushi.” It is usually wrapped in seaweed (nori), but can sometimes be wrapped in a thin omelette, cucumber , soy paper, or shiso (perilla, a type of mint) leaves. Another variation of sushi is nigirizushi or “hand-pressed sushi.”  It is often made of a rectangle of sushi rice with wasabi and some type of topping such as salmon, tuna, or any seafood (neta).


Mosaic sushi (top row) with assorted sushi. | Kristine Hojilla

Out of these variations, many chefs and even artists are inspired to create a new trend in sushi making called mosaic sushi. Mosaic sushi are beautifully crafted works of edible art that can satisfy our appetite for food as well as for visual beauty. This latest Japanese food craze was borrowed from the ancient technique of putting together compositions or patterns from smaller materials to create mosaic sushi! Oishi!

This YouTube video by How To Make Sushi will show you how mosaic sushi is made.