Choices for where to live: dormitory, homestay, independently.

You can choose to stay with a Japanese family (homestay), in a dormitory, or independently.

  • The homestay option offers profound insight into the typical Japanese family and the ability to practice your Japanese skills.
  • The dorm is ideal for students who desire greater freedom and independence.
  • There are a limited number of host families available each term. Sometimes, we are unable to satisfy the demand. In this case, students will be automatically switched to the dormitory housing option.

Selecting the best option for you can be difficult. This chart compares them:

Option Homestay Dormitory
Advantages Daily opportunity to practice Japanese Opportunity to meet other young people
Experience family traditions Private rooms
Eat meals in family setting More freedom
Secure option for younger students More control over meals
Disadvantages Less free time in schedule Less exposure to Japanese family life
Possible curfew Possible curfew
May need to help out around the house


Expect living arrangements to be more restrictive than in the U.S. Both dormitories and homestay families have curfews—usually midnight.


Both dorm and homestay students receive a local transportation pass between lodging and school. The pass, included in the program cost, is for use on days when class is in session.


The average commute for a businessperson in Tokyo is 1 hour each way. KCP tries to find housing within 1 hour of the campus for both homestay and dormitory. However, due to the pandemic and the shift in housing availability, housing options have been more limited. We will continue to try and get housing within 1 hour commute, but this is not guaranteed and sometimes is not possible. We appreciate students’ patience and understanding of this situation.

Students with longer commute often use the travel time to study Japanese through flashcards, worksheets, apps, and language learning media sites.

Take note that KCP-arranged housing is ideal for younger students. As a way of building community, we have dorm parties, get-togethers, and students can commute together.

Older students and those who have specific travel needs might prefer to arrange their own housing.

A Glimpse at a KCP Dorm

Take a video tour of two commonly used KCP dorms with Riley, a former KCP alum from Missouri State University.

Ikebukuro Dorm

Kasai Dorm

Independent Lodging

You are free to make your own housing arrangements while enrolled in the KCP language and culture courses. If you choose independent lodging, you are responsible for transportation costs between your accommodation and school, as well as transportation from the airport to your residence.

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KCP’s Summer (short) term program fit my personal schedule very well. It was also the most professional and affordable program that I could find. It also included a cultural aspect to its education program that I appreciated.

—Allison Hoisl