KCP Summer Students Visit Yamanashi

2018 Summer-Short Term Students Visit Yamanashi!

Yamanashi has a colorful history beginning with a prehistoric society that progressed through the hunting, fishing, and gathering stages during the Jōmon period. During the Sengku period in the 16th century, the daimyo of the land, Takeda Shingen, known to have attempted to unify and control Japan, also built two prominent historic sites, the Tsuzuji Mansion and the Yōgai Castle in Kōfu.

Yamanashi Prefecture is a popular destination for its beautiful scenery. It is surrounded by many of the country’s highest mountains including the majestic Mount Fuji in the southern border with Shizuoka.

Join KCP’s Summer-Short term 2018 batch of students as they explore Yamanashi! See more photos at KCP Flickr.