Trains in Japan.

Tips When Travelling to Japan

It’s always an exciting experience to travel to a new country and get to know new places and other cultures. Japan is ranked #2 as a study abroad destination and is one of the best places to begin your travel adventures. Tokyo is the bustling capital of Japan and is one of the most popular places to visit in the country. It embodies the rich history, culture, traditions, and the awe-inspiring progress of Japan and its people throughout the centuries.

Travel essential gadgets.

Check out some tips when traveling to Japan:

Travel time to Japan varies depending on which part of the USA you’re coming from and  which city in Japan you’ll be travelling to.

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The stopover and waiting duration also affect the travel time. It usually takes a little over 10 hours to travel from the Pacific Northwest to Japan. Here are some tips when flying to Japan:

Pack some travel essentials

When flying several hours to another country, it’s always best to be prepared and comfortable for the entire journey. The travel essentials you pack will be useful as you get settled in Japan.

  1. Pack a carry-on with clothes, toothbrush, snacks.
  2. Bring an external power bank for electronics.
  3. Print an airport map and study it before landing.
  4. Bring reading material including Japanese study materials.
  5. Bring a pillow.
  6. Pre-load movies onto laptop / tablet.

Travel tips when going to Japan

Trains in Japan.

Travel around by train

Trains and bullet trains are a fast and efficient way to travel around Tokyo and outside the city. The Tōkaidō Shinkansen is still the world’s busiest rail line, carrying around 151 million passengers a year between Tokyo and Osaka. The Japanese government issued a policy that promoted railways as an efficient transportation for a nation that has a limited supply of fossil fuels and is dependent on imports to meet such a demand. Trains are a great way to explore Japan.

Trains in Japan.

No tipping

Tipping in most countries is a common practice. In Japan however, it isn’t quite the norm. Many Japanese believe that good service is standard, making tipping unnecessary. If you feel you must tip though follow the proper tipping etiquette when in Japan.

Sukiya Restaurant, Japan.

Try Japanese gastronomical delights

Traditional Japanese cuisine is a combination of staple foods available in the region. Usually it consists of white rice with one or more side dishes and main dishes, sometimes served with miso soup and pickles.

Sukiya Restaurant, Japan.

There so many other types of Japanese food to tickle your taste buds and let you experience all that japan has to offer!