What travel documents do I need to study at KCP?

First, you need a passport. If you don’t have one, apply right away. Your post office has passport applications.

If you plan to study for one term (temporary visitor), buy a round-trip ticket. Choose a return date within 90 days of arrival. If the date of your return is further out than 90 days, or if you purchase a one-way ticket for a single term, you will not be allowed entry into Japan.

Non-U.S. students: check with your local Japanese Consulate about eligibility and applying. If you are from a country without a visa treaty with Japan, you will be entirely responsible for acquiring your own visa.


To protect yourself if your passport is lost or stolen, make two photocopies of your passport (including all pages with stamps). Leave one copy and some extra ID photos with a responsible person in the U.S., and bring one copy plus photo ID with you. This makes it much easier to replace your passport.


If you plan to attend KCP with a 90-day temporary visa and you also plan to travel before or after the term, schedule your travel time carefully to avoid staying longer than your 90-day allowance. For example, the Fall 2018 semester is roughly 12 days short of the 90-day allowance.

If you travel beforehand, we ask you to return to the airport with your luggage, so that we can help you reach your KCP-program lodging. Be sure to arrive at Narita Airport by 3:30 pm on the program arrival day so we can pick you up. If you are staying in Tokyo, contact KCP well in advance of your arrival to let us know where you will be staying and to determine the best meeting point.

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